Friday, August 10, 2012

tenmoregirls present Glory Box

I can't believe that the last time I posted was in November. Did you miss me?  The year seems to be going so quickly, and already the tenmoregirls exhibition has come around again.

This year the exhibition is called Glory Box, each member of the group has reflected on the tradition of dowries or hope chests, and explored their personal responses in the form of contemporary jewellery and objects.  I'm overjoyed with the show this year.  I think we've created an amazing collection of work and the exhibition opens in a little over two weeks.

My work started out a little bit bleak and teary, but I managed to find some positives through it all.  My connection with glory boxes came from items from the dowries of my mum and my nonna: beautiful, hand made linens, embroidered with care.  For me, they came to represent mothers and daughters together, preparing their glory boxes and preparing for different stages of life.  The glory box holds the knowledge passed from mother to daughter, the maternal guidance for maturity, marriage and motherhood.

My nonna, Emma, holding my mother, Maria

Sadly, both of the amazing women who raised me have passed away, and their absence is constantly felt.  During my design process I wallowed in this for a while, feeling terribly small and alone in the world.  I probably should have realised sooner that I am all the better for having known them at all, with knowledge and strength from when they were with me. 

My work became about holding, carrying and giving.  I've made a series of vessels based on la conca, a traditional water carrier from the Italian region of Abruzzo.  The area where my mother grew up didn't have running water, and the women used to fetch water from a spring or the well, carrying it home in the conca, balanced on their heads.  The series of work is a celebration of wonderful Abruzzese women who are forever a part of my life.

La conca, Abruzzese water carrier

Tenmoregirls present Glory Box, opening Monday 27th August, 6.30 - 8.30pm.  Hope you can come along and see the show!

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