Monday, November 21, 2011

anxiety #437 - how soon is too soon?

I'm all about Christmas cheer.  I love the idea of a festive meal shared with family.  I work out gift wrap themes well in advance (including contrasting paper colour and ribbon ideas).  One of my favourite compilation CDs is Christmas Cocktails, from the Ultralounge series.  Last year, I even bought Christmas decorations, but they were for someone else's tree, but I found people don't really like it when you try to decorate their tree...

Anyway, this is the first year that I get to decorate my own tree.  Stan & I went out and chopped one down...not really, why would anyone want a dead tree dropping pine needles all over their beautifully furnished apartment?  We got a fake one and it's pretty nice for a fake tree; it's taller than I am and while it'll never look that real, it's real-looking enough.

Is it too soon to put it up?  I never thought about it before, but apparently there isn't a set time to decorate your Christmas tree.  I don't remember when we used to put it up when I was little.  I've read that in America it's okay to put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving, but that doesn't really help.  Even though decorations have been out in shops for a while,  any time in November seems too early.  To be honest I wanted to put it up the day we got it, but I don't want people to think I'm one of THOSE Christmas People.  We all know one.  They're a little too full of Christmas cheer, spending far too much on decorations, usually own some Christmas themed, sparkly jewellery and maybe a funny t-shirt or two?  

It's getting closer, and I'm placating my urge to yule by buying decorations.  Our box of Christmas is constantly being swapped with a bigger box, my biggest extravagance so far being some vintage West German mercury glass drops, in a lovely aqua blue.  I feel like I have to wait until it's well into December, or I'm a "Santa stop here" nightie away from living the dream. 

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