Wednesday, June 2, 2010

emerging sydney jewellers showcase, jamfactory atrium space

After months of thinking about it, I finally got my act together, and finished my neckpiece for the Emerging Sydney jewellers showcase at the JamFactory, in Adelaide.

There ended up being about 170 anodised aluminium flowers in the three strand neckpiece, dotted with silver skulls. 3 offrenda dishes complete the Dia de los Muertos series. Thanks to Madeleine for the donation of the aluminium, and to Christina for her help saw piercing flowers.

It was great to be able to get down to Adelaide for the opening, the JamFactory is an amazing place. I'll try to post some pictures of fun times in Adelaide soon.

Opening at the JamFactory, 21st May,
Gallery One - Liz Williamson,
Gallery Two - Brendan Scott French,
Atrium - Emerging Sydney jewellers showcase

The pieces on display, l-r: El Dia de los Muertos Offrenda dishes, Mourning Wreath

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