Friday, March 5, 2010

floral troubles

This story starts at two separate times.
One beginning was when I was in my third and final year of study. I had an idea for a series about the Mexican Days of the Dead, and I made rings, brooches and a neckpiece from small aluminium flowers with silver skulls at their centres. I was never really happy with the resolution (the rings were popular, but it wasn’t a big year for brooches), and always wanted to revisit the concept.

The story’s other beginning was when I had one of those rare moments of extremely good fortune, and met Lisa Furno. Lisa and I worked together for a year, and not only is she very creative, and a lovely person, but she has connections. Lisa put me in touch with the JamFactory in Adelaide, and I’m going to be in an exhibition of emerging Sydney Jewellers, in the gallery’s Atrium space. It runs from May 22nd to June 20th.

I assume you’ve guessed the ending of the story. I've buckled down, desperately trying to saw pierce many aluminium flowers to create something for the exhibition. Keep your fingers crossed, and come back soon. I'll post a finished product soon.

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