Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Girls Against Gold - installed work

(left) wallpaper one
925 silver, American walnut, stainless steel

(right) wallpaper two
925 silver

wallpaper three
925 silver, western red cedar, stainless steel

(left) woodblock one
925 silver, American cherry

(right) woodblock two, three, four
925 silver

(top) wallpaper four
925 silver, stainless steel

(bottom) wallpaper five
925 silver, Wenge, stainless steel

These are the pieces I made for girls against gold, inspired by mid century modern wallpapers and prints.

Catalogue artist statement:

I never knew true love until I found mid-century modern design. After World War II products not usually used in construction and decoration took housing in a new direction and economic growth brought style to the suburbs. A new kind of dream home was affordable and accessible. I am inspired by both the spirit of innovation and the aesthetics of mid-century design. The graphic qualities of wallpapers, fabric patterns and sculpture from the fifties and sixties are the basis for a series of brooches, made from sterling silver and a variety of timbers.

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